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  1. Izuhakone Railway passenger trains Details
    Railway connecting Mishima with Shuzenji in the Izu Peninsula.

  2. Shutoken Shin Toshi Railway (Tsukuba Express) passenger trains Details
    Tsukuba Express line that links Akihabara and Tsukuba. The trains run at a top speed of 130 km/h and rapid trains travel the 58.3 km line between the terminals in 45 minutes.

  3. Kumagawa Railway passenger trains Details
    Kumagawa Railway in Kumamoto Prefecture operates the Yunomae Line branching from the Hisatsu Line.

  4. Yokohama Minatomirai Railway passenger trains Details
    The Minatomirai Line runs from Yokohama Central Station along the new habourside development area.

  5. Sangi Railway passenger trains Details
    Sangi Railway operates the 20.4-km section of the Hokusei Line from Nishi Kuwana to Ageki and a line from Tomita (Kintetsu and JR Central both have stations there) to Nishi Fujiwara, in the Tokai region.

  6. Nishikigawa Railway passenger trains Details
    32.7-km line runs from Kawanishi (on the JR West's Gantoku Line) to Nishiki-cho in Yamaguchi prefecture.

  7. Ooigawa Railway passenger trains Details
    Oigawa Railway's southern terminus is at the small Kanaya Station on the Tokaido main line in the middle part of southern Shizuoka Prefecture. Its line follows the Oigawa River north and a steam-hauled train caters to tourists on the southern 39.5-km section from Kanaya to Senzu. The northern 25.5-km track section runs from Senzu to Ikawa.

  8. Aoimori Railway passenger trains Details
    The Aoimori Railway Line runs from Metoki Station in Sannohe to Hachinohe Station in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture.

  9. Echizen Railway passenger trains Details
    Echizen Railway operates railway services between Fukui and Katsuyama in Fukui Prefecture.

  10. Ohmi Railway passenger trains Details
    A 59.5km regional line in Shiga prefecture.

  11. Kanto Railway passenger trains Details
    Operating the Joso Line and Ryugasaki Line in Ibaraki prefecture.

  12. Akechi Railway passenger trains Details
    Akechi Railway took over the 25.1-km Akechi Line that branches off from the JR Central's Chuo main line at Ena. The other terminus at Akechi is an historical town that attracts tourists.

  13. Sagano Scenic Railway passenger trains Details
    The Sagano Scenic Railway train runs at a leisurely pace down the Hozukyo Valley - famous for its breathtaking views. The run takes about 25 minutes from Trokko Saga Station to Trokko Kameoka Station in the Kyoto area.

  14. Tokyo Metro passenger trains Details

  15. Osaka Subway passenger trains Details

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