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  1. Japan Railways passenger trains Details
    This web site is provided by the New York Office of Japan Railways. We hope our site can help travelers from all over the world, preparing for rail travel in Japan.

  2. JR-West West Japan Railway Company passenger trains Details
    JR West's operates in western Honshū, and includes the Sanyō Shinkansen high speed rail line between Osaka and Fukuoka, and 610 km of commuter rail lines in the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto metropolitan area and the major cities of Okayama and Hiroshima.

  3. Hanshin Electric Railway Co Ltd passenger trains Details
    Hanshin Electric Railway operates four lines, namely the Main, Nishi-Osaka, Mukogawa and Kobe Kosoku lines, over a total length of 45.1 kilometers. By carefully compiling timetables for seven types of trains, including limited express, express and semi express, we operate train services of high accuracy and efficiency. To enhance our railway network, in February 1998 we expanded our linked-services with Sanyo Electric Railway, and began operating limited express trains between Umeda and Himeji (trains travel along the tracks of both companies).

  4. Kintetsu - Kinki Nippon Railway passenger trains Details
    The largest private railway in Japan, its complex network of lines connects Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Tsu, Ise, and Gifu.

  5. JR-Kyushu - Kyushu Railway Company passenger trains Details

  6. JR-Shikoku - Shikoku Railway Company passenger trains Details

  7. JR - Hokkaido Railway passenger trains Details

  8. Tokyu passenger trains Details
    Connects Tokyo Shibuya and Yokohama

  9. Keisei Electric Railway Details
    Skyliner airport express downtown Tokyo to Narita airport.

  10. Tobu Railway passenger trains Details
    Kanto area railway line

  11. Keihin Electric Express Railway Co Ltd passenger trains Details
    Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd. (commonly known as Keikyu), is one of the 15 major private railways in Japan. Serving as a link between central Tokyo and the southern metropolitan area, the Company plays an important role in Tokyo's public transportation system. Keikyu carries approximately 1.16 million passengers daily on its 87.0-kilometer railway network linking Shinagawa, which is expected to see even further development in the near future as one of Tokyo's sub-central towns, with Kawasaki, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Zushi, and Miura in Kanagawa Prefecture. In October 2003, a new station for the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train was opened at Shinagawa Station-the Company's main terminus station. In November 1998, Keikyu achieved its long-standing goal of providing railway services to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). With the opening of Haneda Airport Station, Keikyu has been instrumental in greatly improving access to the airport. Since its opening, the number of passengers using the station each day has continued to rise, and by December 2004, the cumulative total number of passengers had exceeded 120 million. In December 2004, accompanying the opening of the second terminal at Haneda Airport, Keikyu established a new ticket gate. Furthermore, in response to the re-extension and internationalization of Haneda Airport, the Company is considering the construction of a new station linked directly to the new international terminal building.

  12. Keihan Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Railway network in Osaka, Kyoto, and Shiga Prefectures.

  13. JR-East - East Japan Railway Company passenger trains Details

  14. JR-Central - Central Japan Railway Company passenger trains Details

  15. Nankai Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    The Nankai network branches out in a generally southern direction from Namba Station in Osaka. The Nankai Main Line connects Osaka to Wakayama, with an important spur branching to Kansai International Airport. The Koya Line connects Osaka to Mt. Koya, headquarters of the Buddhist Shingon sect and a popular pilgrimage site.

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