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  1. Odakyu Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    The Odakyu Railways network covers a broad range of sightseeing spots accessible for foreign visitors after they arrive at Narita or Haneda airports and travel to central Tokyo. With Odakyu, you can enjoy Shinjuku, Japanís largest entertainment area; the beaches of Enoshima and the historic city of Kamakura; Tanzawa-Oyama, a famous hiking area in a beautiful natural setting; the Izu Peninsula, well known for its hot springs (onsen) and outdoor activities; Hakone, one of Japanís most famous hot springs areas; and Mount Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes region. Odakyu Railways provides convenient access to all these places.

  2. NNR - Nishi-Nippon Railroad passenger trains Details
    Nishi-Nippon Railroad operates lines in Fukuoka Prefecture.

  3. Hankyu Railway Details

  4. Nagoya Railroad passenger trains Details
    Nagoya Railroad Meitetsu extends a track of 445.4km, and its urban network runs through Aichi and Gifu prefecture. The railway network integrates the main line that links Nagoya, Gifu, and Toyohashi as well as the secondary lines that link Central Japan International Airport, the historic town of Inuyama, the industrial city Toyota which is famous for Toyota Motor Cars, and others.

  5. KEIO Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Keio Line from Shinjuku, and the Inokashira Line from Shibuya, through Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefectures over a total of 84.7km

  6. Seibu Railway passenger trains Details
    Tokyo area railway line - Chichibu, Kawagoe, Seibuen, Toshimaen, Shinjuku-Ikebukuro

  7. Sanyo Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Local and express rail service between Himeji and Kobe.

  8. Shintetsu - Kobe Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Regional railway

  9. Shin-Keisei Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Railway operating in Chiba prefecture (subsidiary of Keisei Electric Railway), connects Narashino and Matsudo.

  10. OTK - Senboku Rapid Railway passenger trains Details
    Osaka suburban railway, connects Nakamozu Station and Izumi-ChŻŰ Station.

  11. Matsuura Railway passenger trains Details
    Matsuura Railway operates the 93.8 km Matsuura Line from Sasebo almost completely around the peninsula to Imari and Arita in Saga Prefecture.

  12. Ihara Railway passenger trains Details

  13. Isumi Railway passenger trains Details
    26.8-km line between Ohara and Kazusa-nakano in south Chiba prefecture.

  14. Mizuma Railway passenger trains Details
    Mizuma Railway operates electric trains on a 1067-mm narrow-gauge 5.5-km line from Kaizuka on the Nankai main line to Mizuma in Osaka prefecture.

  15. Ibaraki Kotsu passenger trains Details
    Minato line, Katsuta <-> Ajigaura in Ibaraki prefecture.

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