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Just 1 or 2 new good customers pays for a year's advertising............

RailRoadFocus is organised by country.
Railroad company websites and information sites about railways are listed free of charge. If you are a Railroad company, your purpose in advertising will be to draw attention via a banner and be listed at the top.
Worldwide and non-local service providers can be included as advertisers on RailRoadFocus in the sponsors listing or/and with a banner, frequently on several country pages.

There is a "details page" for each listing, which can be found by clicking on the symbol beside each listing. On this details page you can see the number of visits to the listing (n/a to sponsor listings), which gives you a good insight on the traffic generated to the listings from our website and thus the total traffic on our website.

We propose 3 advertising methods:

  • Sponsor listing
    This is a low cost method for a worldwide or nationwide service provider to be listed in RailRoadFocus. Your logo banner will appear on the sponsor listing's details page. Minimum order size USD 50.
    USD 5 per page per month, USD 4 per page per month for over 25 pages, USD 3 per page per month for over 50 pages.
  • Large Banner
    Size 468*60 pixels upto 10kb, placement above listing result.
    USD 30 per page per month, USD 25 per page per month for 6 months or more
  • Small Banner
    Size 120*60 pixels upto 6kb, placement in the right column.
    USD 20 per page per month, USD 18 per page per month for 6 months or more

Minimum order is USD 50.
As an advertiser on RailRoadFocus, you will receive a login and password to access realtime statistics on your banner campaign. You will be able to see your statistics at any time you choose, and follow the accumulation of the number of impressions (number of times the relevant page was visited) and views (number of times visitors clicked on the banner to visit your website) until your period limit has been reached.
If the advertiser is also listed the current listing will be favoured with a ranking at the top of the category (country).

Interested to advertise on RailRoadFocus ?

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minimum order is USD 50
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