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  1. Shimabara Railway passenger trains Details
    Shimabara Railway in Nagasaki Prefecture operates a 78.5-km line from Isahaya on JR Kyushu's Nagasaki main line to Kazusa. The line loops around more than half of the Shimabara Peninsula, running close to the coast and passing through Shimabara, the largest city in the area.

  2. Shinano Railway passenger trains Details
    65.1-km Karuizawa–Shinonoi section of the Shin'etsu main line.

  3. Sanriku Railway passenger trains Details
    Sanriku Railway operates the 71-km Kita Rias Line from Miyako to Kuji, and the 36.6-km Minami Rias Line from Kamaishi to Sakari, both on the Pacific coast of Iwate Prefecture.

  4. Saitama Railway passenger trains Details
    Tokyo area railway line

  5. Shibayama Railway passenger trains Details
    The 2.2 km Shibayama Railway links Shibayama township with Narita Airport in Chiba prefecture.

  6. Kishu Railway passenger trains Details
    The 2.7 km Kishu Railway runs between Gobo and Nishi Gobo in Wakayama Prefecture.

  7. Shizuoka Railway passenger trains Details
    Shizuoka Railway operates 10.8 km of track with one terminus in Shizuoka City, the capital of Shizuoka Prefecture.

  8. Hokuetsu Express passenger trains Details
    59.5-km Hoku Hoku Line between Saigata and Muika-machi in Niigata Prefecture.

  9. Yamagata-Tetsudo Co passenger trains Details
    Operates the 30.5-km line from Akayu to Arato in Yamagata Prefecture.

  10. Nagaragawa Railway passenger trains Details
    72.1-km Etsuminan Line branching from the Takayama Line at Mino Ota in Gifu Prefecture.

  11. Yagan Railway passenger trains Details
    Operates the Aizu-Kinugawa Line between Shin-Fujiwara (Tochigi Prefecture) and Aizu-Kogen (Fukushima Prefexture)

  12. Keifuku Electric Railroad passenger trains Details
    Commuter rail in Kyoto Prefecture,

  13. Toyohashi Railroad passenger trains Details
    Toyohashi Railway operates the Atsumi Line from Toyohashi City to Tahara Town in Tokai region.

  14. IGR Iwate Ginga Railway passenger trains Details
    The Iwate Ginga Railway Line runs from Morioka Station in Morioka, Iwate to Metoki Station in Sannohe, Aomori prefecture.

  15. Toyo Kosoku Railway passenger trains Details
    Commuter rail in Chiba prefecture

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