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  1. Bluegrass Scenic Railroad and Museum Details
    Versailles KY, USA

  2. GNRHS - Great Northern Railway Historical Society Details

  3. NPRHA - Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association Details

  4. CSRM - California State Railroad Museum Details
    Sacramento CA, USA

  5. Monticello Railway Museum Details
    Monticello IL, USA

  6. National Museum of Transportation Details
    St Louis MO, USA

  7. GGRM - Golden Gate Railroad Museum Details

  8. GNRHS - Great Northern Railway Historical Society Details

  9. DRGW - Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway History Details

  10. Lehigh Valley Railroad Historical Society Details
    The Lehigh Valley Railroad Historical Society was chartered under the New York State Department of Education in 1996 to preserve the history, artifacts, and memories of the Lehigh Valley and other local railroads. Our membership is made up of former LVRR employees, their families, railfans, scale modelers, and more, all with the common interest: the old Lehigh Valley Railroad.

  11. Cincinnati Railroad Club Details
    The Cincinnati Railroad Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit, educational organization with a membership of over 300 individuals. Our members all have a hobbyist’s interest in railroads ranging from the early iron horse of the 1800’s through the present and into the future.

  12. BRHS - Burlington Route Historical Society Details

  13. SPSHS - Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Historical Society Details

  14. Great Northern Railway Page Details

  15. Hoboken Shore Railroad Homepage Details
    The Hoboken Shore Railroad started off as the Hoboken Manufacturers Railroad, a shortline that served a large industrial clientele running the length of Hoboken's (New Jersey) waterfront. The line had tight curves, street trackage, a float bridge - all elements that endeared the railroad to its fans. The railroad was renamed the 'Hoboken Shore Railroad' in 1954, solely for the reason that 'it sounded better!' Traffic started dropping off as industry on the Hoboken waterfront began closing down and moving out. The railroad operated in a limited fashion until at least 1977, and filed for abandonment in 1978. Today, very little of the railroad remains: Its main yard is long gone, enginehouse is now a parking lot, and most of the main is ripped up. A short section of street trackage remains in place from the vicinity of Maxwell House (today a brewery), running to the new park at 5th Street.

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