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  1. Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Details
    The Centre boasts one of the largest private railway collections in the country with many steam locomotives. These range from express passanger types to the humble shunting engine. There is also an impressive collection of numerous interesting items of rolling stock. In 1968 the London Railway Preservation Society chose Quainton Road to establish its Centre. From modest early beginnings on a few metres of weed grown track the volunteer members of the renamed Quainton Railway Society have established the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre as one of the leading steam museums in the country - Covering nearly 30 acres the collection includes some 35 steam locomotives as well as examples of both diesel locomotives and multiple units. The large collection of carriages and wagons includes a 1901 coach used latterly in the Royal Train together with a specially converted vehicle from 1943 used as a mobile meeting room by Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower.

  2. MSLR - Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, Steam Heritage Museum Details
    The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, known affectionately as 'The Middy' was a classic case of a railway built late on in the great railway age that never paid its way. Indeed, it effectively went broke before it opened but still managed to struggle on for 50 years! This fine example of quirky English history is remembered in Suffolk's only railway museum, also called the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Co., which is dedicated to keeping alive the memories of the Middy.

  3. Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group Details
    The Group was founded in 1974 with a view to preserving Scottish industrial railway heritage. This website chronicles the history of the Group and of industrial railways in Scotland, with particular reference to the former NCB system at Waterside, part of which the Group has preserved.

  4. ARPG - Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group Details
    The Group was founded in 1974 with a view to preserving Scottish industrial railway heritage. This website chronicles the history of the Group and of industrial railways in Scotland, with particular reference to the former NCB system at Waterside, part of which the Group has preserved.

  5. Welsh Highland Railway Project Details
    This is where you can find out all about the project led by the Ffestiniog Railway to rebuild and operate the Welsh Highland Railway, a neighbouring line running through the mountains of Wales which closed in the 1930s. Approval has been granted to rebuild the whole line. Half of the total length is now open, from Caernarfon to Rhyd Ddu, at the foot of Snowdon, and work is now well under way to reopen the remaining half through to Porthmadog. This site includes information on the present operations and future plans of Rheilffordd Eryri (Welsh title for the rebuilt WHR), the developments that have led up to the rebuilding now under way, and lots of pictures.

  6. Barrow Hill Engine Shed Society Details
    After many years of hard work by dedicated volunteers, the magnificent Midland Railway roundhouse at Barrow Hill that faced certain demolition now looks forward to a very bright future. We hope you will find something to interest you during your visit to the site of Britain's last operational roundhouse.

  7. SERA - Suburban Electric Railway Association Details
    The Suburban Electric Railway Association (SERA) was formed in 1996, but was then called the Mersey & Tyneside Electric Preservationists as the group had the original intention to secure for preservation the Merseyside 503 and the South Tyneside EPB electric multiple units (EMUs). Both these aims were achieved within 8 months and the group expanded its aims over the next couple of years to promote the preservation of DC electric suburban trains from all areas of England. With this expansion of aims came a need to create a new identity that reflected the national scope of the group and so in 1998 the group changed its name to the Suburban Electric Railway Association. SERA has now assembled the largest private collection of electric multiple units in the country and they are all located at the Coventry Electric Railway Centre.

  8. MRT - Moseley Railway Trust Details
    The Trust's aim is to build a museum and a railway to display its collection of industrial narrow gauge equipment that has been gathered from various industries around the UK in the last 30 years, and in doing so we aim to educate and entertain both the general public and the railway enthusiast. An important aspect is that it should be a working museum, not simply a collection of static exhibits. At present, work is in progress to locate the museum and railway at the Apedale Heritage Centre near Newcastle Under Lyme, and a small display has already been created in the Mining Heritage Centre here.

  9. Midland Railway Centre Details
    The Midland Railway, Butterley is the home for all things associated with the Midland Railway. There is a standard gauge line which has steam and diesel hauled passenger trains. The main site at Swanwick has a museum dedicated to the Midland Railway as well as a large collection of diesel and steam locomotives.

  10. BWLR - The Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway Details
    The Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway, a delightful 2 foot gauge line tucked away in the heart of the Kent countryside, England, near the village of Bredgar in a richly wooded area of the North Kent Downs. On view in the engine shed there is a whole range of steam locomotives of varying gauges, freight and carriage stock, and other railway artefacts. A corner of the engine shed has been built to represent a pumping station with a working Victorian Steam Driven Beam Engine.

  11. Darlington Railway Centre & Museum Details
    Darlington Railway Centre & Museum is located on the 1825 route of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, the world's first steam-worked public railway. The site encompasses three significant Stockton & Darlington Railway buildings of the 1830s/50s: North Road Passenger Station, the Goods Shed and Hopetown Carriage Works. The Museum is devoted to the area formerly served by the North Eastern Railway, with particular reference to the Stockton & Darlington Railway, and the railway industry of Darlington. Exhibits include Stephenson's 'Locomotion No. 1', built for the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, and 'Derwent', the earliest surviving Darlington built locomotive, on loan from The National Railway Museum Collection. Locomotion is one of the oldest surviving steam engines in the world and the first ever steam train to carry fare paying passengers.

  12. Weardale Railway Details
    The only heritage railway based on part of the Stockton & Darlington Railway. The Weardale Railway, situated in County Durham, U.K. was a mothballed branch line from Bishop Auckland following the River Wear westwards to Eastgate-in-Weardale, a distance of approximately 18.7 miles (30km). Weardale Railways Limited is seeking to be authorised to operate A 18.7-mile (30km) Network micro-franchise from Bishop Auckland to Eastgate, both in the County of Durham. At Bishop Auckland the line has a head on connection with the Railtrack branch line from Darlington, the boundary being approximately 100 yards west of the western end of the platform at Bishop Auckland. Weardale Railways Limited wishes to be authorised to operate passenger trains, stations, a light maintenance depot and its associated operations on the network between Eastgate and Bishop Auckland.

  13. Railway Preservation Society of Ireland Details
    The RPSI was formed in 1964 to preserve in working order steam locomotives and other rolling stock built for the Irish railway system, from 1850 to the present day. The RPSI maintains a museum at Whitehead and operates steam-hauled excursions over the present day Irish railway network for families and enthusiasts.

  14. Vintage Carriages Trust Details
    The Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT) is a volunteer body, based on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. It was formed in the late 1960s by a group of volunteers whose interest was in wooden bodied carriages. They could see that there was a need to concentrate on the preservation of these historic items which were in grave danger of disappearing due to the weather and vandalism damage and unsuitability for regular use on preserved railways of the day. The Collection held by the Trust is at present nine historic railway carriages, also three small industrial steam locomotives, and a collection of railway posters and other miscellaneous railway items. The Trust owns the Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow - the first station from Keighley on the Worth Valley Railway.

  15. Dolgarrog Railway Society Details
    The Dolgarrog Railway Society aims to re-establish a small industrial railway line (with a rural flavour), at Dolgarrog, in the beautiful Conwy Valley, in North Wales. It also intends to preserve locomotives and rolling stock appropriate to the line.

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