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  1. Railion Logistics freight trains Details
    Europe's largest railtransport company. Railion Nederland N.V. is the Netherlands’ largest rail transport operator and a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, a prominent, global logistics services provider, with major interests in forwarding, air freight, seaborne cargo, road haulage and rail transport.

  2. ERS Railways freight trains Details
    As one of the foremost leaders in the intermodal rail business, European Rail Shuttle (ERS) is extremely proud of its high quality container transport services, offering limitless possibilities to its clients. Tens of thousands of deep sea containers, tank containers, swap bodies and trailers are transported via the ERS network, year after year.

  3. Sloelijn freight trains Details
    Upgrade/New rail freight line Vlissingen East connection to Zeeuwse line (Vlissingen-Roosendaal) planned for completion in 2007

  4. ACTS Nederland freight trains Details
    Rail Cargo company operating in the Netherlands

  5. BetuweRoute freight trains Details
    The Betuweroute will be handed over at the beginning of 2007. Right from the very beginning, it will be possible for ten freight trains an hour to run in each direction. In practice, there will be about a hundred and fifty trains a day during the initial period. Not just the carriers and shipping companies, but also a large part of the Dutch economy will benefit from that time on from the ability to transport goods straight off and without stopping from the Maasvlakte to the German border and further on into Europe. The competitive position of Rotterdam and the Netherlands as a shipping and distribution country will be strengthened in any case.

  6. ProRail Details
    Taking care of capacity, reliability and safety on Dutch railways. That summarises ProRail's activities in a few words. Our working area covers more than 6,500 kilometres of railroad track. We maintain it, renovate it and expand it.

  7. SGB - Museum Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele passenger trains Details

  8. Herik Rail passenger trains Details
    Charter trains for events

  9. CharterTrains passenger trains Details
    First class travel and events.

  10. ISM - Industrieel Smalspoor Museum Details
    Narrow gauge as a mode of transport in the industrial sector. Experience the use of narrow gauge for industrial use by means of a trip by a narrow gauge train, passing trough a beautiful area and travelling on an original route which has been used for the transport of peat by narrow gauge trains in the past.

  11. MBS - Museum Buurt Spoorweg Details
    In 1884 a new branch line was built between Hengelo and Winterswijk on the initiative of the textile factories in this region. Because the speed limit on branch lines was much lower than on the main tracks, the costs for building this branch line were much cheaper. The railway line mainly supplied the Twents textile industry with coal which were needed for there steam engines. Besides the many freight trains, passenger trains also rode on the line. But because of the rising concurrence of the bus, passenger transport was ended in 1937. The line was used by the Dutch Railways for freight transport until 1973. Cancelling the last freight trains wasn`t the end and the demolishing of this railway line, a destiny what a lot of Dutch branch lines had to undergo. On the 21st of February 1967 the Museum Buurt Spoorweg (MBS) foundation was established with the purpose of reviving a branch line of bygone times. At first the MBS rode between Haaksbergen and Enschede and from 1975 between Haaksbergen and Boekelo. Since its establishment the MBS has developed itself to an authoritative museum with not only a large collection of rolling material but she also wants to breath out the atmosphere of old times. The MBS has a large locomotive shed, a workshop, and original station building and a turntable in Haaksbergen. In Boekelo a large museum shed is located in which a lot of to restoring material is standing. So let yourself be transported by and authentic train, pulled by a real steam locomotive. Enjoy of a breathtaking beautiful Twents landscape and experience how traveling was in those days that a lot of branch lines crossed the country.

  12. Het Spoorwegmuseum Details
    Railway Museum, Utrecht Netherlands

  13. Museum Stoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik Details
    The mission of the Steam Tram Museum is to preserve what little Dutch steam tram rolling stock is left, to restore it, and ultimately display it to the public, riding once again on the track between Hoorn and Medemblik. As well as the impressive collection of Dutch steam tram rolling stock, the Museum also has a large collection of antique baggage, authentic signals and signalling devices and a huge archive of documents on Dutch steam tram railways at the Steam Tram Documentation Centre.

  14. Stoomtrein Valkenburgse Meer - Nationaal Smalspoormuseum Details
    National narrow gauge museum and the history of the narrow gauge in the Netherlands

  15. Museumrailway Stadskanaal Rail Details
    Since 1995 the Museumrailway S.T.A.R. exploits the railwayline between Veendam en Musselkanaal with historical steamtrains. The connection was in use until the eighties by the national railway company (NS). The track follows the border between the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. It goes through the region known as the Groningse Veenkolonien (peat moor country). With its length of 26 km it is the longest museumrailway in the Netherlands. During the trip you have an excellent view at the widerange landscape en characteristic elongated building of the so-called Kanaalstreek. The railway between Veendam and Musselkanaal is a relict of the railwaysystem that was built in the beginning of this century by the NOLS (NoordOoster Locaal Spoorweg) and the former STAR (Groningsch-Drentsche Spoorwegmaatschappij ‘Stadskanaal-Ter Apel-Rijksgrens). In the twenties passengertrains left Stadskanaal for Assen, Coevorden, Zuidbroek and Ter Apel. Many factories along the line had their own railroad connection for transport of goods. When road infrastructure improved the use of the railway was going down. In 1955 the last passengertrain departed from Stadskanaal to Groningen. In 1990 goods traffic ended. The new S.T.A.R. (Stichting Stadskanaal Rail = Stadskanaal Rail Foundation) was erected in 1992. Its purpose is to preserve the railway as an industrial monument of the peat moor country.

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