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  1. Shinano Railway passenger trains Details
    65.1-km Karuizawa–Shinonoi section of the Shin'etsu main line.

  2. Tarumi Railway passenger trains Details
    23.6-km section from Ogaki to Tarumi that branches off the Tokaido Line at Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture.

  3. Eizan Electric Railroad passenger trains Details
    Eizan Electric Railroad is affiliated with Keihan and runs northward from Demachi-yanagi in Kyoto to a mountainous area dominated by Mt Hiei and Mt Kurama in Kyoto Prefecture.

  4. Hokuetsu Express passenger trains Details
    Tenryu Futamata station through beautiful countryside to Mikkabi in in Shizuoka prefecture

  5. Echizen Railway passenger trains Details
    Echizen Railway operates railway services between Fukui and Katsuyama in Fukui Prefecture.

  6. Keifuku Electric Railroad passenger trains Details
    Commuter rail in Kyoto Prefecture,

  7. Chikuho Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Chikuho Electric is a suburban railway in Kyushu region with a line from Kurosaki (a Kita Kyushu transit hub) to Nogata (formerly a colliery town and now a bed town for Fukuoka).

  8. Ooigawa Railway passenger trains Details
    Oigawa Railway's southern terminus is at the small Kanaya Station on the Tokaido main line in the middle part of southern Shizuoka Prefecture. Its line follows the Oigawa River north and a steam-hauled train caters to tourists on the southern 39.5-km section from Kanaya to Senzu. The northern 25.5-km track section runs from Senzu to Ikawa.

  9. Enoden - Enoshima Electric Railway passenger trains Details
    Enoden connects Kamakura Station in Kamakura, with Fujisawa Station in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.

  10. Izuhakone Railway passenger trains Details
    Railway connecting Mishima with Shuzenji in the Izu Peninsula.

  11. Hisatsu Orange Railway passenger trains Details
    Operates the northern section of the Kagoshima main line between Yatsuhiro and Sendai in Kyushu.

  12. Isumi Railway passenger trains Details
    26.8-km line between Ohara and Kazusa-nakano in south Chiba prefecture.

  13. Sangi Railway passenger trains Details
    Sangi Railway operates the 20.4-km section of the Hokusei Line from Nishi Kuwana to Ageki and a line from Tomita (Kintetsu and JR Central both have stations there) to Nishi Fujiwara, in the Tokai region.

  14. Toyohashi Railroad passenger trains Details
    Toyohashi Railway operates the Atsumi Line from Toyohashi City to Tahara Town in Tokai region.

  15. Yagan Railway passenger trains Details
    Operates the Aizu-Kinugawa Line between Shin-Fujiwara (Tochigi Prefecture) and Aizu-Kogen (Fukushima Prefexture)

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