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  1. Ghana Railways Corporation passenger trains Details
    Ghana Railways Corporation is the National and only service provider. Plans are however far advanced to privatize railway management and development to interested parties both local and foreign. The government has plans to concession the Eastern Central and Western railway lines for a period of between twenty to twenty five years to a partner who will modernize and run it on a competitive basis which is also facilitate economic development. The railway network is currently concentrated in the southern part of Ghana. H. E. the president is however committed to seeing to the extension of the railway network to the Northern parts of the country. This dream has now been emphasized by the NEPAD objective of ensuring that the railway network of the continent is linked from Cape Town to Cairo. The need therefore, from our perspective to link Ghana’s railway system to that of Burkina Faso, La Cote d’Ivoire and Togo therefore gives added impetus to our national developmental goals. The total railway network is 947 km.

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