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  1. WEG - Württembergische Eisenbahngesellschaft - Veolia Verkehr passenger trains Details
    Regional passenger railway in southwest Germany operating the Tälesbahn Line R 82 (Nürtingen-Frickenhausen-Neuffen, the Strohgäubahn Line R 61 (Feuerbach-) Korntal-Hemmingen(- Weissach), the Schönbuchbahn Line R 72 (Böblingen-Holzgerlingen-Dettenhausen) and the Wieslauftalbahn Line R 21 (Schorndorf-Miedelsbach-Steinenberg-Rudersberg).

  2. Weserbahn/Lammetalbahn - Eurobahn passenger trains Details
    130 km regional railway Bünde - Löhne - Hildesheim - Bodenburg.

  3. HSB - Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH passenger trains Details
    We are delighted to see that you are interested in the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways (HSB). With 140.4 km of the track running through exciting countryside locations, it is also the longest unbroken narrow-gauge railway network in Germany. With its valuable fleet of 25 steam engines,6 railcars, 16 diesel engines and numerous historic railway carriages, the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railway, which operates the Harzquer, Selketal and Brocken railway services, is one of the most interesting narrowgauge railway services. On the 01.02.1993 Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways (HSB) took over the services of Deutsche Reichsbahn, the East German State Railways (DR), being the first non-state owned railway company to operate a regular transport service in the new federal states. The HSB has acted as the operator of the 131.4 km long Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways since then: the former Nordhausen-Wernigerode Railway Company (currently the Harzquer and Mount Brocken Railway Service) and the Gernrode-Harzgerode Railway Company (currently the Selketal (Selke Valley) Railway Service). It runs historic steam locomotives every day on what is Europe's largest narrow-gauge railway network.

  4. HVV - Hamburger Verkehrsverbund passenger trains Details
    Hamburg Metro and regional rail

  5. MVV - Munich Metro and Suburban Railway passenger trains Details

  6. U-Bahn Munich passenger trains Details
    Suburban railway Munich

  7. U-Bahn Berlin passenger trains Details
    Berlin metro

  8. S-Bahn Hamburg passenger trains Details
    Hamburg suburban rail

  9. Wuppertal Metro passenger trains Details
    Suspension line metro

  10. S-Bahn Berlin passenger trains Details
    331km Berlin urban rail network.

  11. U-Bahn Hamburg passenger trains Details
    Hamburg metro / subway line.

  12. BSB - Breisgau S-Bahn passenger trains Details
    Rapid transit suburban railway Freiburg to Breisach and Elzach.

  13. VAG - Metro and Suburban Railway Nuremberg - Nurnberg passenger trains Details

  14. Borkumer Kleinbahn passenger trains Details
    Operates a 7.4 km narrow gauge railway on the island Borkum

  15. Chiemseebahn passenger trains Details
    1.7 km narrow gauge tourist railway connecting Prien - Stock (harbour).

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