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  1. VAG - Metro and Suburban Railway Nuremberg passenger trains Details

  2. S-Bahn Berlin passenger trains Details
    331km Berlin urban rail network.

  3. ZRF - Breisgau S-Bahn passenger trains Details
    Rapid transit suburban railway Freiburg to Breisach and Elzach.

  4. Wuppertal Metro passenger trains Details
    Suspension line metro

  5. S-Bahn Hamburg passenger trains Details
    Hamburg suburban rail

  6. Frankfurt StadtBahn (Light Rail) S-Bahn (Subruban Rail) map Details

  7. Nürnberg U-Bahn (Metro) map Details

  8. Hamburg U-Bahn (Metro) map Details

  9. Stuttgart StadtBahn (Light Rail) map Details

  10. Köln Metro map Details

  11. Munich U-Bahn (Metro) map Details

  12. Hannover StadtBahn (Light Rail) map Details

  13. Berlin U-Bahn (Metro) S-Bahn (Suburban Rail) map Details

  14. Brohltalbahn - Vulkan-Expreß passenger and freight trains Details
    Tourist train: Our railway carriages are pulled by steam- and diesel locomotives at a speed of 20 km/h from the town of Brohl at the rhine to the town of Engeln in the eifel. On the way to the half-timbered railway station of Burgbrohl, you will see interesting slate and volcanic tuff rock formations and then cross the Brohl valley via a viaduct 120 meters long and 12 meters high. Just afterwards, the narrow-gauge track with the rare diameter of one meter winds through the only tunnel of the 18 kilometer track. It is a fascinating experience, when the full passenger train pulled by a steam locomotive puffs through this 90 meter tunnel.

  15. DEV - Deutscher Eisenbahn-Verein passenger trains Details
    Museum Railway of Germany. Our narrow-gauge steam railway (1000 mm, app. 39 inch) runs from Bruchhausen-Vilsen to Asendorf in the state of Lower-Saxony, Germany. Bruchhausen-Vilsen can be found app. 35 km south of Bremen.

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