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  1. VolkerRail (Netherlands) Details
    Bridging over distances, gathering information, and combining separate components into one. This is the day-to-day work of VolkerRail. Not only literally through the railway construction activities, but also by understanding that infrastructure means more than just combining separate components. The ability to survey and understand complex projects is invaluable nowadays, and that is where the strength of VolkerRail lies in.

  2. CLW - Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (India) Details
    CLW manufactures electric locomotives -- 25 kv ac loco with three phase ac drive, 25kv ac locomotive with dc drive. it is one of the largest Electric Locomotive manufacturer in the world. CLW also manufactures AC & DC Traction motors, Switch gears/Control gears, Bogies cast & fabricated, Wheel sets & Steel casting.

  3. AAPRCO - American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners Details

  4. Jídelní a lůžkové vozy Details
    The company’s main business is to provide a full service in restaurant, sleeping, and couchette cars for railway companies.

  5. Balaji Railroad Systems Ltd (India) Details
    Railway consultancy services covering Transport planning, Civil Engineering (Track Work, Bridges, Structures) and Mechanical Engineering (Shunting Locomotives, Wagons, Special purpose rail vehicles etc.)

  6. Cricket Enterprises (USA) Details
    Sales and leasing of used railroad, rolling stock and maintenance of way rail equipment such as speed swings, rotary dump trucks, tie cranes, ballast regulators, ballast cars, box cars, trackmobiles, trashmasters and tampers.
    Plympton MA, USA

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